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Britain Photo Gallery 7 (September 2018 Through February 2019)

Britain Photo Gallery 7 (September 2018 Through February 2019)

In this photo gallery, you will see how construction has progressed on the new branch office of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Britain between September 2018 and February 2019.

  1. North Production Building

  2. South Production Building

  3. Office Building

  4. Residence A

  5. Residence B

  6. Residence C

  7. Residence D

  8. Residence E

  9. Residence F

September 25, 2018—Residence A

The Site Works and Mechanical teams maneuver a large section of water-main pipe into position using two excavators. The Office Building can be seen in the background.

September 26, 2018—South Production Building

Contractors install the external facade. The colors and pattern of the panels are designed to help the building harmonize with the surrounding landscape.

September 27, 2018—South Production Building

After pouring the concrete floor, contractors use power floats to create a smooth, polished, and durable surface.

October 4, 2018—Office Building

Aerial view from the northeast. In the foreground, the Site Works team clears the area and prepare the ground levels for the main reception car park. The steel frame for the reception block linking the two office buildings, to the left, has been completed. The north and the south production buildings can be seen in the background.

October 10, 2018—Branch site

Near Residence A, a surveyor inspects and records the landscapers’ work. Because landscaping was done early in the project, the trees and plants will have become established by the time the building construction is complete.

October 31, 2018—Residence F

Painters apply resin paint to the floor of the parking level. One wears spiked overshoes that do not leave an imprint on the finished surface. The surface produced by resin paint is hard-wearing and resistant to oil stains—ideal for an area where vehicles will be parked.

November 6, 2018—South Production Building

Plumbers measure and cut lengths of chain used to hang radiant panels for heating a large work space.

November 6, 2018—Office Building

Workers apply the first coat of paint to the Office Building interior. Above each office hangs an HVAC unit, wrapped in black plastic for protection.

November 8, 2018—Office Building

Workers install a steel frame over the location of the reception desk.

December 7, 2018—Office Building

Contractors use a spider crane with a vacuum-lifter attachment to install glass panels outside the dining room and the auditorium.

December 10, 2018—Office Building

Members of the Electrical Data team fit sockets to the end of data cables. Approximately 50 kilometers (31 mi) of data cable runs under the raised floor on each of the four levels of the Office Building. The raised floor design allows office space to be reconfigured with minimal effort and disruption.

December 26, 2018—Residence A

The Emergency Response Team rehearses rescuing a casualty who has fallen from the scaffolding and is suspended in his safety harness.

January 8, 2019—Office Building

A member of the Site Works team prepares the correct levels for a footpath before pavers are laid. Alongside the pathway, a compact excavator digs pits, making them ready for planting an avenue of native hornbeam trees.

January 9, 2019—Production Buildings

Aerial view. Photovoltaic panels have been fitted to the roof of both production buildings, as well as the Office Building, to convert sunlight into electricity.

January 17, 2019—Office Building

A member of the Finishes team lays limestone floor tiles in the third-floor lobby. The orange membrane beneath the tiles separates them from the substratum below and protects them from cracking if the substratum shifts.

January 21, 2019—Main support site

Hungry workers collect their lunch and eat it in the temporary dining room. This dining room uses a three-shift system to serve nearly a thousand meals every day.

January 30, 2019—Office Building

Dump trucks move materials at the rear of the office complex. To the right, louvers have been installed on the colonnade to shade the dining room and the auditorium from the low winter sun.

January 30, 2019—Office Building

The Finishes team lays carpet tiles, helped by workers in the Day Volunteer Program. Through this program, congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses from all over Britain and Ireland were invited to send volunteers to assist for one day. By the end of February, over 5,500 had shared in the project in this way.

February 12, 2019—South Production Building

Contractors build a high partition wall down the center of the building, creating separate spaces. The short orange columns on the floor mark a safe corridor in which the scissor lifts can operate.

February 20, 2019—Office Building

Workers keep the area swept clean while the raised floor is installed in the reception area.