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Top left: Students in Japan attending the School for Circuit Overseers and Their Wives. Bottom left: A circuit assembly in Panama. Right: Sisters embracing at a circuit assembly in the United States

FEBRUARY 28, 2023

In-Person Circuit Assemblies and Theocratic Schools Resume

In-Person Circuit Assemblies and Theocratic Schools Resume

After a pause of almost three years, in-person circuit assemblies resumed worldwide in January 2023. At the same time, in-person theocratic schools resumed in many countries. It is evident that Jehovah has blessed these special events.

In Villahermosa, Tabasco State, Mexico, some 200 publishers shared in cleaning the Assembly Hall in anticipation of the circuit assembly. Some traveled a distance of up to six hours to get there. One sister explained: “It has been a long time since we have seen so many brothers and sisters gathered together. We just could not pass up the opportunity to get involved.”

At a circuit assembly in Crownsville, Maryland, U.S.A., a sister commented: “I’m bursting with joy. I’ve been crying since I arrived. I have already used up all my tissues, and the program hasn’t even started. I wouldn’t give this up for anything in the world.”

Brothers and sisters arriving for a circuit assembly in Caguas, Puerto Rico

Students in many branch territories were delighted to attend in-person classes of the School for Kingdom Evangelizers and the School for Circuit Overseers and Their Wives. Brother Giovanny Cabezas, an instructor at the school facility in Palm Coast, Florida, U.S.A., said: “How excited I was to hear that in-person theocratic education was resuming. This is an amazing environment with instructors, students, and volunteers who are fully dedicated in mind and soul to doing Jehovah’s will.”

Sister Satoko Nakata attended the School for Circuit Overseers and Their Wives along with her husband in January 2023. She said: “It was wonderful that meetings and pioneer schools were held on Zoom during the pandemic. However, it was hard to enjoy free conversation or hear others laugh or sing. Attending this in-person school was truly a heartwarming gift from Jehovah. As students, we talked and laughed together, sometimes cried together, and sang together with joy. I am so grateful to Jehovah and to the Governing Body.”

Students in Kenya attending the School for Kingdom Evangelizers

It no doubt brings joy to Jehovah to see his people come together for true worship and divine education. We echo the words of King David: “I will give thanks to you in the great congregation; I will praise you among the throngs of people.”—Psalm 35:18.