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Get Help

Get Help

Having a support system is not only vital while you are at school but also indispensable in your future endeavors as an adult.

WHO can help you in your efforts to succeed at school?


“When I needed help with my homework,” says Bruna, an 18-year-old girl in Brazil, “my dad would explain the material and ask leading questions. But he let me find the answers myself.” *

Tip: To get started, ask your parent how well he or she did with the subject that you find challenging. If that parent did well, he or she may be just the person to help you.


Most teachers are happy to know that a student genuinely wants to succeed, and they would be glad to give assistance.

Tip: Simply tell your teacher, “I’m struggling with this class, but I want to succeed. What would you recommend?”


Perhaps a trusted family friend can help you. Such an arrangement can have a twofold benefit: First, you will get the assistance you need; and second, you will learn to rely on support when necessary​—a practice that will benefit you in adulthood. The fact is, success in most endeavors is a team effort, not a solo performance.​—Proverbs 15:22.

Tip: Ask your parents about who might be a good mentor for you.

The bottom line: There is nothing wrong with asking for help!

Why not get started? Make a list of two or three role models​—people whom you look up to. Would any of those individuals be in a position to help you with your schoolwork?

^ par. 4 An older sibling might be able to help you as well.